Team Building @ Winton Recreation Ground

Published: 21/08/2023 By House & Son team

Team Building - Rounders - Picnic
House & Son were delighted to have held a team-building event at Winton Recreation Ground recently. Attended by staff and families, we engaged in a game of rounders.
Team Gould took on Team Dugdale in what was a close affair, with both teams getting some great catches and several outstanding home runs.
The main event on the day was Finley Toghill, of Team Gould, repeatedly going head-head with Simon Cruwys, of Team Dugdale, both putting in star performances. Despite Teams Gould’s best efforts, Team Dugdale was the winner. With notable performances from Mr Steven Dugdale and the fleet-footed Douglas Gates.
Other notable performances on the day were from the fiercely competitive Dawn & Freya Gravett, heavy batter Sandi Stevens and the all-around star Sharon Gould.
After the main event, we enjoyed a picnic, with a spot of Pimm’s to wash it down. It is safe to say, after the food and Pimm’s, the quality of the play diminished. However, much fun was had by all.
For those unaware, Winton Recreation Ground is a local public space opened in 1906 after a gift of land from the Earl of Malmesbury. It features tennis courts, a cycle track, a cricket pitch, a cafe, Richmond Park Bowls Club, a play park and, since 2014, a play garden accessible for children of all abilities.
Recently the recreation space has been enhanced with newly planted wildflowers and the addition of a pond. The planting will improve year on year. The pond will help draw additional wildlife and encourage further bio-diversity.  

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