Congratulations to the Team of Binkie II - Captained by our very own Colin Wetherall

Published: 06/07/2023 By House & Son team

Sharon, Neil, and the residential professionals at House and Son, would like to congratulate our Director, Colin Wetherall, on his fantastic achievement this weekend, in winning his Class in the Round the Island race.Binkie II, built in 1971, has been in Colin’s family since 1977.  Colin has helmed Binkie II in this race 35 times, winning the fiercely competitive Contessa 32 Class nine times over the years, and the last four times in a row.Those of you that sail, will be interested to know that the Contessa 32 is built locally in Lymington, by Jeremy Rogers' boatyard.  
The Contessa 32 has been a popular sailing yacht since the 1970s, having proved its pedigree not only as a racing yacht but as a comfortable cruising yacht capable of sailing great distances and reviewed as being particularly safe, due to its ability to right itself from nearly 180 degrees when partially filled with water, after being knocked down by a wave.   For the enthusiasts, there is an interesting write-up on this, which followed the ill-fated Fastnet Race of 1979.
This year, Colin has beaten not only the best in his class, in his Contessa 32, but he has also won the handicap prize for the fastest Chartered Surveyor in the Round the Island Race.  We want to congratulate Colin on these wonderful achievements.

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